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Airport Chambers

Modular TP chambers of plastics are an innovative, unique, and patented, as well as 100% recycled, system (polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate) in which the chamber body can be loaded up to 90 tons (F-900 load class ) without concreting.

We produce chambers with dimensions “bespoke” according to the contracting authority’s needs.
The chamber covers may be made of concrete, as well as made as to-be-filled, made of steel grooved, made of cast iron, and of SMC plastic. They may also be equipped with hinges and supporting cylinders.

Intended Use

  • Airport lighting power supply temporary systems
  • Aircrafts power supply systems when parked on the airport apron


  • Body material Polipit (polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate), fully recyclable
  • Modular design – module height of 75mm
  • Dimensions of the chamber according to the client’s needs
  • High body flexibility
  • Low weight of the module
  • Chamber height from 20 to 400 cm
  • Types of chamber covers: of concrete, as well as to-be-filled, of steel grooved, of cast iron, and of SMC plastic, in accordance with EN-124 Standard, F-900 class
  • Cover fittings: hinges, supporting cylinders, bolt locks


  • Low cost of transport and storage
  • Quick assembly
  • No need to use heavy equipment thanks to the modular structure and low weight
  • There is a possibility of placing the chambers on existing installations without pipe cutting.
  • The possibility of building chambers of any height
  • Assembly does not require concreting
  • Holes for pipes can be made anywhere, directly on the construction site
  • Immediately after laying, the chamber body obtains strength up to 90 tons
  • The chamber body is not subject to erosion and crumbling
  • Service life in the ground up to 50 years
  • Resistance of the chamber body to chemicals (road salt, fuels, etc.)
TP F900
  • Modular chamber body made of Polipit platic
  • Chamber wall thickness of 150 mm
  • Chamber cover of F-900 class
  • Chamber covers made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or cast iron
  • Chamber cover equipped with hinges and supporting cylinders (option)
  • TP airport chambers are designed and manufactured according to the individual Investor needs
chamber model
Chamber cover made of concrete Chamber cover made of grooved steel
mm mm F-900 F-900
TP 5/5 690 x 690 440 x 440 x x
TP 5/8 690 x 900 440 x 650 x x
TP 5/10 690 x 1190 440 x 940 x x
TP 6/10 750 x 1190 500 x 940 x x
TP 7/7 860 x 860 610 x 610 x x
TP 7/10 870 x 1170 620 x 920 x x
TP 7/14 860 x 1515 610 x 1265 x x
TP 8/8 900 x 900 650 x 650 x x
TP 10/10 1100 x 1100 850 x 850 x x
TP 10/13 1100 x 1400 850 x 1150 x x
TP 11/11 1235 x 1235 985 x 985 x x
TP 20/13 2050 x 1250 1800 x 1000 x x

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