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Chamber Covers

We produce a whole range of chamber covers of various materials:

  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel

In various design variants:

  • Grooved steel
  • To be filled
  • Concrete
  • With hinges
  • Load classes from A-15 To F-900

We can adjust the dimensions to the existing concrete chambers.
We also offer chamber covers of SMC plastic and of cast iron.

Intended Use

  • Upper element of a chamber ensuring its closing from the top


  • Material: galvanized steel, stainless steel, cast iron, SMC plastic
  • Structure: grooved steel or to be filled with pavement stone, slabs, or concrete
  • Compliance with the EN-124 Standard in the load classes A-15, B-125, C-250, D-400, E-600, F900
  • Dimensions: standard for SK type concrete chambers, non-standard dimensions according to the customer’s needs
  • Precise chamber cover leveling system
  • Locking system
  • Possibility of using hinges
  • Possibility of the cover opening support by means of gas cylinders


  • Possibility of making chamber covers of any size, adjusted to the existing chambers
  • Possibility of adapting to the required load class
  • Possibility of securing against unauthorized access
  • Long service life due to the galvanization of the structure or make of stainless steel
Equivalent of a concrete chamberINNOTECHNIKA chamber modelChamber external dimensionsChamber internal dimensionsChamber cover of SMC plasticChamber cover to-be-filledChamber cover of grooved sheet metal
 TP 4/4415 x 415265 x 265x  xxxx
SK-1TP 5/5590 x 590440 x 440 x xxxx
 TP 5/8590 x 800440 x 650   xxxx
SKR-1TP 5/10590 x 1090440 x 940 x xxxx
SKR-1TP 6/10650 x 1090500 x 940   xxxx
SKOTP 7/7760 x 760610 x 610 xxxxxx
 TP 7/10770 x 1070620 x 920  xxxxx
 TP 7/14760 x 1415610 x 1265 xxxxxx
 TP 8/8800 x 800650 x 650   xxxx
 TP 10/101000 x 1000850 x 850   xxxx
SK-2TP 10/131000 x 1300850 x 1150   xxxx
 TP 11/111135 x 1135985 x 985 x xxxx
SK-6TP 20/132050 x 12501800 x 1000       

1. Height of the chamber body in the range of 75mm – 3000mm
2. All the chamber covers may be equipped with hinges, supporting cylinders, and locking systems

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