Construction of the Quay in the Gdańsk Shipyard

Elevator Equipped Chambers

When planning the expansion of the Gdańsk Shipyard quay, the investor projected the use of switchboard cabinets to power the moored ships. The problem turned out the collision of standing cabinets with vehicles and cranes moving on the quay.

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Innotechnika has proposed to the designers the solution consisting of hidden in the quay switchgears, which would be pull-out if necessary. The project was implemented using TP-type chambers equipped with elevators. Plastic chamber bodies were embedded in the structure of the quay. Diving bells were used to protect the electrical system against flooding. The chamber covers were made in load class D-400 of stainless steel and supported by gas cylinders.


Power equipment does not interfere with moving port vehicles. The installation of pulled-out switchgears contributed to the increase in traffic safety.

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