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Truss Floors

The truss plate construction allows placing it on the shape-fitted mounting flanges of the supports. The arrangement of the supports under the truss plates is free.
Fast and low-cost assembly and laying of plates without heavy equipment are possible due to low weight, handy dimensions, and easy mechanical processing (drilling, cutting, assembly with screws or nails).

The system consists of 100 x 50 x 8 cm truss plates (L x W x H) and 30 to 100 cm long and 15 cm diameter supports.

Immediately after the truss floor is laid and mounted, the whole structure can be loaded up by a wheeled vehicle weighing up to 2 tons.

Intended Use

  • Ventilated or aerated floors
  • Platforms, non-conductive floors
  • Drip grilles
  • Working platforms, ramps and production line platforms
  • Subgrade or shelves at collection points for harmful substances


  • Polipit plastic (polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate), fully recyclable
  • High resistance to destruction
  • Low weight
  • Resistance to erosion
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Water resistance


  • Fast and low cost assembly
  • Truss slabs laying up not using heavy equipment
  • Possibility of easy machining (drilling, cutting, etc.)
  • Resistance to oils, alkalis, acids and micro- organisms
  • Module made of Polipit
  • Color grey
  • Module made of Polipit
  • Color grey
  • Module made of Polipit
  • Color grey

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